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Follow Your MAP

We always follow all Minimum Advertised Pricing of brands and distributors. Brands have the right to set the price they want their products to be sold for. We do everything possible to uphold this price and report any violations to the brand owner or distributor. As your authorized partner we will report all of the detected violations and take care of other non-authorized suppliers.

Improve YourBrand Image

KS ProTrade works directly with suppliers and brand owners. We prefer building close relationships with our partners with a view to investing in building their brand. Our company will actually work with you to improve your brand image and not just purchase from and resell for a small profit. We know for a fact that it is not about the numbers of sellers but rather it is all about the right sellers and partners.

Maximizing Your Sales

We will help you increase your sales and improve your brand image overall by replying to negative reviews and address all the issues mentioned by the buyers, utilizing all of the allowed images, videos and info-graphics, if needed, we could update your product page, title, description, bullet points, back end keyword, search terms and more in order to better point out the benefits of your products and connect emotionally with the buyers.

The gold standard for digital marketing outsourcing

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Fast turnarounds
Stable & scalable

Manage your entire marketing process in one place. Unlike other online sellers who seem to not know or do not care about the above, we do all of it and much more at no charge. No down payment or deposit upfront! You only pay for results you get and after you get.



Projects completed



Time wasted


More Profitable

Best in the branch!

As a business owner or manager, the decision to opt for offshore digital marketing can be difficult. As anyone who has experience knows, there are advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing digital services.

Stan James

Owner of an online store for tools

Very Impressive

I'm really impressed by the fast results and transparency provided by KSProtrade along the way. They've been acting very professionally and diligently about all major and minor tasks. If you try you would not regret getting the results of their business acumen and expertise.

Hugh Craigson

Proud owner of MasterClass J at YouTube

Our clients love it!

I was a bit skeptical at first but shortly after, such great feedback by dozens of customers in a very short period of time, we realized all outsourced activities are worthwhile. There're significantly more returning customers and sensibly better brand recognition amid new qualified leads and clients.

Anthony DeAngelo

Business owner of LionHearth Wealth Management

Always responsive

Acting as a marketing company it wasn't an easy choice to outsource part of our processes to KSProtrade. We decided to make a short A/B testing and we were very happy by the results. In a couple of weeks, the attention to detail and due diligence provided by our partner leads to better overall brand image online.

Gary Peterson

Marketing Manager of Nomadic Creative

Benefits for premium users

Mutual Growth Factor

We work hard to ensure that all of the products we sell fully represent the brands and improve their brand recognition and overall image. We do this as a long-term business relationship and want to help you succeed and grow your business. Creating win-win business processes is how we grow. When you grow we grow as well.

Long-Term Vision & Full Transparency

We keep our partners for years to say the least! We have great, open communication with our suppliers over the phone, email and other instant message applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger. Also, we are open to having regular Skype meetings or calls with our suppliers to talk about specific brand recognition or conversion strategies or generally discuss the future of a brand.

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